Guesthouse Gyimes

The guest house maintained by Caritas Gyulafehérvár awaits pilgrims, tourists, skiers, families and groups of friends in a quiet, peaceful environment typical of the Tatros valley, with a wonderful view on Gyimesfelsőlok, barely 1 kilometer from the ski and bobsled track.

The building 8 -Offers accommodation for 20 people at a discounted price, and from the amount raised, the Guest can help finance Caritas' home care activities for the elderly and the sick.

In addition to accommodation, various community events, retreats, camps, team building trainings, company events, courses the building and the yard belonging to it are also suitable for its organization.

What to see in the area


House / night

750 lej

For 12 persons

House / night

1200 lej

For 22 persons

Requests for quotations and reservations:

Please send your accommodation reservation request to one of the following contacts:

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