Protected unit

The Antal Jakab House has been classified as a protected unit.

Good news for institutions and businesses with at least 50 employees:

even if they cannot employ people with disabilities, they are not obliged to pay the state minimum wage. They can buy it and exchange it for services in sheltered facilities, which now include the Jakab Antal House in Sumuleu.

The protected unit status recognises and promotes the rights of people with disabilities. Based on this principle, Jakab Antal House, which is run by Caritas Alba Iulia Association, has involved several people with disabilities in the running of the unit and offers them the opportunity to work, thus obtaining the protected unit status. According to a law passed in 2006 (Law 448, Article 78), in situations and public enterprises employing more than 50 people, four percent of employees must be people with disabilities. If it is possible to employ persons with disabilities, their minimum wage must be paid to the state each month. The law also gives institutions and businesses the possibility that if they cannot employ disabled people, they are not obliged to transfer the minimum wage to the state, but to buy it from an entity that has protected status, thus helping it to function. As a protected establishment, the Jakab Antal House offers businesses of public institutions with at least 50 employees the opportunity to use their legal rights to use the remaining amount for catering services, events and functions at the Jakab Antal House.

The restaurant may also include catering services:

Organising events and activities that include any of the above:

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